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Your jewelry store’s performance is deeply entwined with the caliber of your retail software. In comparing Jewel360 with other software, it offers a shining beacon of excellence in this realm, intricately weaving together point of sale (POS) and ecommerce solutions, resulting in a synergistic blend that propels your jewelry business to new heights of success.

Set Jewel360 against the backdrop of competitors like Vend, Shopify, and Lightspeed, and it effortlessly outshines them all. Jewel360’s superior feature set is carefully honed to fit the unique needs of the jewelry retail environment. Give Jewel360 the stage, and it’ll soon become your key player in writing your jewelry store’s success story.

Unearth the Potential with Key Features and Functionality

Built from the ground up with jewelers in mind, Jewel360’s cutting-edge POS system sets a gold standard for managing jewelry store operations. It bestows you with the ability to seamlessly control every facet of your business through an integrated jewelry POS platform.

Jewel360 empowers you to meticulously manage bespoke orders, including repairs, all the while maintaining a harmonious balance between online and physical store sales and inventory – synced impeccably and updated in real-time. With Jewel360 at the helm, business owners and managers can instantly propagate updates across all channels by entering orders and related data in one unified hub. Embrace Jewel360, and discover how swiftly it streamlines and updates your inventory process.

Our software establishes a seamless conduit with suppliers to automate product addition to your POS and website. A side-by-side comparison of Jewel360 features with its competitors reveals our impressive real-time inventory management, paired with superior customer relationship management (CRM), and reliable sales and payment processing, resulting in significant revenue optimization.

Jewel360’s POS system delves deep into your business operations, generating precise reports and analytics for actionable insights. Our technology also effortlessly integrates with additional systems, from your store-specific accounting software to e-commerce platforms, ensuring seamless synchronization and flawless operations. The Jewel360 experience is designed to amplify the brilliance of your jewelry business in the digital era. 

User Interface and Seamless Interaction

Our cloud-based POS system is your omnipresent business partner, delivering consistent performance on PCs, Macs, and tablets, and offering the security of AWS servers for fault-tolerant redundancy—bringing you the tranquility that comes from knowing your business is always in safe hands. Jewel360’s intuitive layout can be molded to your preferences, making navigating through its menu akin to a pleasant stroll in a familiar neighborhood.

When measured against competing POS software, Jewel360’s organic and logical user interface emerges like a diamond amongst stones. Our client integration capabilities empower you to build your empire on social media, broadcast across a multitude of channels, manage orders both online and in-store, and stay updated with instant text notifications.

Pricing and Unbounded Growth

With a unique pricing structure involving a one-time setup fee followed by a monthly rate, Jewel360 offers a scalable solution designed to grow alongside your jewelry business. Learn more about our top-tier jewelry store POS system by reaching out to our sales experts at or by calling 385-332-3522. Discover how our cost-effective POS system can support your jewelry business’s unique growth trajectory and provide the necessary elasticity to handle your expansion.

Customer Support and Tailored Training

The brilliance of a business partly lies in its customer service. Jewel360 excels in providing a comprehensive suite of customer support services, ranging from real-time chat assistance online to responsive email services, and even direct conversations with knowledgeable human beings over the phone. Furthermore, we offer a treasure trove of self-help resources, an extensive knowledge base, and tailored onboarding and training programs.

Security and Impenetrable Data Protection

In the digital arena of 2023, data protection is the jewel in the crown. With data thieves prowling, Jewel360 stands as a formidable fortress, having fortified its defenses with data encryption protocols. All data transmitted and stored on our platform is safeguarded with a shield of utmost security, complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards—a vital safeguard in a world where credit card transactions are the norm.

Should data loss occur, it will be but a momentary blip, as our POS system is furnished with robust data backup and disaster recovery mechanisms. Coupled with secure access controls and user permissions, Jewel360 offers a robust shield against cyber threats, ensuring your business enjoys the best-in-class safety protocols.

Integration and Harmonious Compatibility

Jewel360’s robust integration capabilities and universal compatibility stand as cornerstones in your jewelry store’s journey towards growth and profitability. Our team has crafted the software with meticulous precision to ensure it dovetails seamlessly with your existing hardware, accounting software, and other essential tools. Jewel360 plays well with e-commerce platforms, marketing tools, and CRM platforms, forming an elegant symphony of technology that enhances your business’s efficiency.

User Reviews and Resounding Acclaim

Dive into the treasure trove of user reviews of Jewel360, and you’ll unearth a chorus of praise. As one satisfied client attests, “Jewel360 outshines Lightspeed, Shopify, Vend, and other competitors with a brilliance that’s hard to match.”

We invite you to watch this video and learn how Jewel360 has helped Woodbury Jewelers of Park City, Utah, improve their business:

“One of the reasons why we went with Jewel360 is how it’s integrated with our website and our in store sales. One of the things that’s been a huge issue is we do a lot of custom work.  It’s one of a kind, and if it’s sold online, we can’t sell it in store or vice versa. Somebody might buy it online and we had to say, “Sorry, it’s out of stock.” We can’t ever get it again and we have to return the sale, which became a huge issue for us. Being able to have it immediately update on the website or vice versa made life so much easier.” 

So with Jewel360 being a cloud-based system, it’s changed everything, being able to have that database and being able to ramp transactions without having to be in front of the computer because we only have one station.  I can actually do it from my phone. I can do it from a tablet that we have on the sales floor. It’s super convenient. I just can’t believe we hadn’t done it before.  We know exactly where inventory is and we’ve been able to customize it with a template that works perfectly.”

At Jewel360, we’re not in the business of resting on our laurels. Our team of creative wizards constantly seeks avenues to upgrade and refine our product, ensuring a steady influx of new features and improvements.

Experience Jewel360 Today

Jewel360 is the final gem that completes your jewelry store’s crown. When pitted against its competition, it’s evident that comparing Jewel360’s approach to managing jewelry store operations sparkles with unrivaled brilliance. Our POS software is efficient, intuitive, tailor-made for jewelry store owners and managers, and excels in integration.

Reach out today and discover how Jewel360 can propel your jewelry store towards its brightest future. Connect with us at or call us at 385-332-3522.