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Jewelers Mutual: Integrated JM® Care Plan and Personal Lines of Insurance

Sell JM® Care Plan and Personal lines of insurance from Jewel360 point of sale and websites.

  • Protect against normal wear and tear, and accidental damage
  • Cover the cost of repairing or replacing items
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Complete — Easy — Modern

Jewelers Mutual is the only company that has specialized in jewelry insurance for 110 years. A personal jewelry policy provides coverage against loss, theft, or damage.* With an integration to Jewelers Mutual in your point of sale, your customers can learn more about how to protect their treasured jewelry with the leader in jewelry insurance.

JM® Care Plan helps your customer keep jewelry or watches in like-new condition by covering normal wear and tear, and accidental damage. JM® Care Plan allows you to grow your business. JM® Care Plan provides you an added revenue source, another service offering, customer satisfaction and retention. JM® Care Plan is sold at the time of sale directly from the point-of-sale software.**

JM Integration- Insurance

Purchased Directly In The Point Of Sale

  • Add significant revenue to your bottom line
  • Give your customers peace of mind
  • Keep customers coming back to your store

Personal Insurance In The POS

Insurance for all types of jewelry including: engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, earrings, and more.

  • 15-day jewelry insurance offer from Jewelers Mutual with no up-front payment required
  • Coverage that goes beyond standard homeowners/renters insurance and added riders
  • Protection that follows your customers on their worldwide travels and covers against loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance—as well as floods and earthquakes
  • Freedom to work with the jeweler of their choice in the event of a claim

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*Insurance coverage is subject to underwriting review and approval, and to the actual policy terms and conditions. Any descriptions are a brief summary of coverage and are not part of any policies, nor a substitute for the actual policy language.

Insurance coverage is offered by a member insurer of the Jewelers Mutual Group, either Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, SI (a stock insurer) or JM® Specialty Insurance Company. Policyholders of both insurers are members of Jewelers Mutual Holding Company.

**Care Plan exclusions and limitations apply. For specific plan details, refer to the Terms and Conditions. JM® Care Plan is offered by a member of the Jewelers Mutual Group, either JM® Care Plan, Inc. or JM® Care Plan Services, Inc.