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Retail Jewel Summit Event Highlights

We’re excited to announce the success of the first-ever Retail Jewel Summit, hosted by the Jewel360 team. The show featured several prominent speakers from Jewelers Mutual, Jewelers for Children, Jewel360, and Amy’s Fine Jewelry. 

During the event, these industry experts provided valuable insights and strategies, including how jewelry store owners can implement technology to maximize their business growth.

Valuable information about the expanding capabilities of technology in the jewelry industry was also shared. 

Each participant expanded on the theme “Reshaping Jewelry Retail With Tech-Driven Strategy.” Multiple sessions were held to allow for a deeper dive into each topic. Session topics included:

  • Give Your Employees a Raise With Jewelers Mutual Care Plan
  • Do Well by Doing Good: Using Tech to Give Back
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Point of Sale
  • Leveraging Technology to Grow Your Jewelry Business


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Give Your Employees a Raise With Jewelers Mutual Care Plan

Post Show Blog JM Session

In the first session of the day, Mike Senk, an industry expert from Jewelers Mutual, addressed how implementing the JM® Care Plan can increase profits. 

Two main components of the Jewelers Mutual platform were discussed: personal insurance lines, which cover loss, theft, and mysterious disappearance, and the JM® Care Plan. As a full integration offered with the Jewel360 platform, this program provides a painless way for jewelers to offer insurance to their customers. 

Selling beautiful pieces is often accompanied by a desire to ensure they are cared for long after the customer leaves the store with their purchase. The JM® Care Plan supports the retailer and the customer in this endeavor. This plan keeps the customer connected to you and builds a relationship of trust as the customer returns for repair or replacement work.

Beyond long-lasting customer relationships, the JM® Care Plan creates an additional revenue stream with the potential to grow your bottom line by 5% to 10%. 

Mike also discussed the benefits this program has for retailers. He mentioned that the program keeps customers returning to your store for services such as routine maintenance and cleanings.

The program allows retailers to add revenue from these services, and provides an opportunity for reconnection and potential upsells with these customers — all while giving you a competitive advantage. 

The JM® Care Plan allows jewelry retailers to stop giving services away for free and provide new revenue streams from those services, all through seamless program implementation.

As a partner and current integration with Jewel360, Jewelers Mutual offers numerous benefits to small business owners across the jewelry industry. 


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Do Well by Doing Good: Using Tech To Give Back

JFC Session Post Show

Sara Murphy of Jewelers for Children led the second session of the day. In this session, Sara discussed how doing good is good for business. 

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Jewelers for Children, since its creation 26 years ago, has donated over $61 million to children in crisis. The organization has worked with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to fund alternative cancer treatment projects, the Make a Wish Foundation to provide funds for 15 wishes a year, the Organization for Autism Research, and the National CASA/GAL Association for Children to help those in foster care — among many others. 

Jewelers for Children is able to provide funds to these incredible organizations by accepting donations from the jewelry community.

But these donations are not just beneficial to these organizations, they are beneficial to the jewelry businesses that give them. Sara provides three areas where doing good is good for business. 

The first area of benefit to jewelry retailers is seen within the staff. Employees are more likely to work with a company that encourages charitable giving — and even more likely to join those businesses that do give charitably.

The second area of benefit is consumer-facing. Consumers, much like employees, are more interested in businesses that give back to their communities. They are 45% more likely to buy from retailers that give back. Promoting charitable causes also gives retailers the ability to run new promotions that increase traffic to their business. 

The last area of benefit mentioned was a positive change in surrounding communities.

Sara also discussed the best methods for choosing which organizations are right for you to donate to. However, donations don’t have to be complicated. 

The best way to help your business and your customers give back is to make it the easiest part of their day. The new Jewelers for Children integration with Jewel360 makes it as simple as pushing a button.

By activating the integration, you can now offer roundup donations with every transaction.

Customers are more likely to agree to a roundup donation, making things easier for you as a retailer. 

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Getting the Most Out of Your Jewelry Point of Sale

Post Show Blog Demo

Hosted by Ryan Christensen of Jewel360, the third session of the day explored how to get the most out of your point of sale. This free demonstration of the Jewel360 platform touched on a number of important features that allow jewelry retailers to focus on their customers, not antiquated systems. 

A number of features were demonstrated in greater detail, including:

  • E-commerce website
  • Cloud-based access
  • All-in-one POS
  • Inventory age and velocity reports
  • Automated marketing
  • Inventory syncing and updates

For more information or to schedule an in-depth demo, send a message to Ryan,or fill out the form and Ryan will reach out to you directly. 


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Leveraging Technology To Grow Your Jewelry Business

Post Show Blog Leveraging Tech

Nick Gurney of Jewel360 and Chris Garcia of Amy’s Fine Jewelry hosted the last session of the event. 

Nick and Chris discussed how Jewel360's advanced technology is revolutionizing the jewelry retail industry. Key highlights included the new integration for Jewelers for Children, enabling effortless roundup donations at checkout, and the shift from cash to card payments, enhanced by Jewel360's mobile terminals. 

The integration with Clientbook centralizes customer communications and automates follow-ups, while automated email campaigns and review requests streamline marketing efforts. Improved inventory management through detailed reports helps retailers make informed purchasing decisions. 

Jewel360's cloud-based system also provides accessibility from anywhere, supporting both in-store and remote sales. These innovations enhance the shopping experience and empower employees, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

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Missed Retail Jewel Summit or Want To Revisit the Show?

Each session of Retail Jewel Summit was recorded and can be viewed on-demand at your convenience. Just click on the link below:

Watch the Show

During the show, hundreds of jewelry store owners learned how high-end industry technology can serve their business strategy. Jewel360 eases worry and allows jewelry store owners to focus on what’s important.

With new integrations and updates, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this cutting-edge platform. Request a demo today